Blockage Reversal Program

Blockage Reversal Program


Integrative Cardiology Center

Our program will help you reverse blockages without spending money, time, and effort. You will not have to go through the pain and disability of stents or bypass surgery. Stents and bypass surgery provide temporary relief. The blockage reversal program provides a lifelong relief cure. Our blockage reversal program combines the best of modern scientific knowledge with the time-tested ancient wisdom of yoga, meditation, and Pranayam. Our practices facilitate intensive lifestyle changes and aggressive risk factor modification to help remove blockages from the coronary arteries. 

Since each individual is different, the unique distinguishing feature of our program is personalized care. The program provides tailor-made easy-to-follow practices with constant motivation, encouragement, and reminders. 

The blockage reversal program format has two phases. 

The initial intensive phase consists of once-a-week, personalized visits and instructions for eight weeks. We believe that at the end of eight weeks, you will have mastered all the strategies of blockage reversal in your life. A maintenance phase will follow this. This consists of a once-a-month visit for 10 months. During the program, we will optimize your risk factors, such as lower cholesterol, controlling blood pressure, and improving diabetes by adjusting your medications and lifestyle. Your diet, activity, stress level, and unhealthy habits will improve. You will also learn easy-to-follow Yoga asanas, simple meditation, technique, and pranayama. Your symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, and dizziness will improve. You will lose weight. Your energy, drive, and motivation to follow life-fulfilling pursuits will increase. 

At the end of the program, advanced cardiac testing will reveal evidence of the reversal of the blockages. You will no longer need stents or bypass surgery. Throughout the program, you will have unlimited access to all the educational material and videos of the blockage reversal program. In between visits, we are accessible daily via phone call or email to answer your questions or concerns.